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Our Mission: Skilled Nursing Pharmacy strives to provide long-term care patients with a streamlined, effective, trusted, efficient and value-for-money approach to fulfilling their pharmaceutical needs.


Skilled Nursing Pharmacy has multiple locations throughout California. All of our locations are staffed with the most skilled and trained industry professionals, ensuring expedited service and minimal waiting times for all of our facilities in California.

Multiple locations in close proximity, means that the necessary medication, expertise and equipment is always close at a hand. This is an essential facet to any long term care.

Inquire today as to which Skilled Nursing Pharmacy is best located to serve your facilities needs.


The SNP team is comprised of some of America’s most experienced and highly trained pharmacists. SNP’s team stretches beyond their pharmaceutical expertise and excellence. The SNP team understands that interpersonal communication and care lies at the core of geriatric and long term care facilities.

Our skilled pharmacists consult regularly with medical professionals to stay on top of the latest medical breakthroughs and upgrades to any medical development pertinent to pharmaceutical care.

Our team is also dedicated to efficient round-the-clock service to all of our facilities. Service and satisfaction are only bested by safety in the way our team handle their facilities.


What is a Long Term Care Pharmacy?

The Long Term Care Pharmacy is typically a “closed door”, state-licensed pharmacy that specializes in the provision of prescribed medications to residents in skilled nursing facilities as well as other senior care settings. In 2012, there were 15,700 nursing homes in the country providing a total of 1,669,100 certified beds. During the same time period there were 22,200 residential care communities in the United States providing 851,400 licensed beds. 1 The typical resident in one of these facilities is greater than 85 years of age2, and has multiple medical issues that often necessitate a complex medication regimen. Almost half are taking nine or more medications 3. Below are some pictures of your typical long term care pharmacy.

Long Term Care Pharmacists provide the following services to your constituents:

  • 24/7 access to pharmacists and delivery services
  • Prescription packaging to meet the unique needs of the patient and their setting of care
  • Emergency medication services
  • Drug Utilization Review which includes screening for drug interactions, allergies and identifying potential adverse drug reactions
  • Patient assessment and ongoing monitoring in close collaboration with the with the facility’s interdisciplinary team,
  • Compound and/or provide specialized drug delivery formulations for patients unable to ingest medications through normal routes, including IV medications
  • Long Term Care Pharmacy’s work in conjunction with and often employ their own consultant pharmacist. The consultant pharmacist is required by federal law to conduct a monthly Medication Regimen Review (MRR) which is a comprehensive review of a resident’s medication and medical chart. Consultant pharmacists make recommendations regarding polypharmacy and other potentially inappropriate drug therapy issues, drug interactions, required laboratory monitoring, side effect monitoring, and proper medication administration technique.

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