What is Cubex System?

The Cubex System automated medication dispensing system supports decentralized medication management with various features for safety and efficiency. The system helps accurately dispense medication, while supporting pharmacy workflows.
In an effort to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction scores and profitability, hospitals are taking a close look at their medication management system. Studies have found that the path medication takes from the pharmacy to the patient can be error-prone and inefficient. These challenges often increase risks and costs, delay therapies and complicate efforts to meet regulatory requirements.

From pharmacy to nursing to the patient, there has to be a better way to get medications to the right patient without delay. And there is.

Pyxis MedStation™ 4000 system
CareFusion provides a comprehensive solution to streamline the medication management process. The foundation of our approach is the Pyxis MedStation 4000 system, which safely and efficiently dispenses millions of medications—and benefits—every day.

Product Highlights


Maximized Security
The medication dispensing system uses CUBIE® pockets to secure high-risk medications of all sizes.


Bulk Item Security
The Cubex System 4000 integrated main and all-door configuration securely stores bulk items like IV medications.


Time Savings
Integrated with the Cubex Connect system, the system can significantly help reduce order turnaround time.

System Flexibility
Pharmacists can customize alerts for each Pyxis MedStation system to comply with hospital policy and minimize alert fatigue.

Streamline the medication administration process with Pyxis Nurse Link

  • Enables pre-selection of scheduled and PRN medications from a hospital PC for removal at the Pyxis MedStation system.
  • Allows medication waste to be recorded remotely without a trip back to the Pyxis MedStation system.
  • Centralizes clinical information, including medication orders, labs and vitals.

Additional Benefits


Increased medication availability
A study indicates that ADCs can help reduce the time to first dose and the number of missing doses.1


Data analytics
Knowledge Portal provides relevant information to help manage inventory, standardize policies and detect diversion.


Allergy interactions
Active checking during the medication removal process to alert the clinician if the patient is allergic to the medication or medication class.


Drug-to-drug interactions
Active checking during the medication removal process to alert the clinician if the medication may interact with other medications being removed and previous medication removals.


Comprehensive decision support database
Nurses receive actionable alerts at the point of dispensing.