What is E-Scribe?

Skilled Nursing Pharmacy now allows patients to take control of their medical services, accurately and efficiently by using E-Scribe.
Wouldn’t it be great if residents could receive their prescriptions in a more efficient manner with less risk of issues due to allergies and less issues with dosages and frequency? E-Scribe provides a perfect solution for providers and residents alike.

Physicians and prescribers can now upload, review, sign, and send prescriptions virtually, to attend to residents’ needs, so we can deliver them their medication in the most efficient way possible. In Addition, E-scribe optimizes the way Patient medical records are stored and viewed.

How it Works

Thanks to this cutting edge technology, patient records including:


Proper Dosages
E-Scribe records and knows the proper dosage for each individual person and each required medication.


Through the E-Scribe system, the patient will know the frequency of how many times their medication is required daily and weekly.


Number of Prescriptions
To prevent abuse, the E-Scribe software will track the number of prescriptions being used and will not allow reorders within specific timeframes.


Any Patient Allergies
The E-Script software includes patient profiles and any applicable allergies that the patient might have thus preventing issues from medications affecting those allergies.

Drug Reviews

Pharmacist Drug Regimen Reviews will constantly be available, giving prescribers complete assurance that optimal patient outcomes are achieved. Notification alerts will be sent to prescribers via email allowing for immediate response to the pharmacist or facility.

With this technology, here at SNP we are able to simply deliver the most precise methods of patient care, secure and online for easy to use access.