What is FastPak® EXP?

The FastPak® EXP is one of many RxWorks Suite technology and consulting solutions designed to optimize the medication management process and enable improved patient care, increased cost savings, and market growth opportunities.

The FastPak EXP accommodates any pharmacy’s oral solid dispensing needs, with packaging sub units that allow you to easily switch between standard or narrow width: standard width for traditional unit dose and multi-dose packaging; narrow packaging for unit based cabinets and 30-day boxes. The FastPak EXP enables you to expand your capacity onsite, from 128 to 320+ oral solids with Smart Canisters.

Features & Benefits


Smart Canisters speed replenishment and accommodate a large formulary

Innovative Smart Canisters (optional) can be interchanged quickly. The FastPak EXP automatically detects the canister’s contents and updates the medication database, regardless of where the canister is placed inside a designated Smart Drawer. The EXP is ideal for pharmacies serving multiple facilities or pharmacies that need the safety of canister dispensing for more than 320 medications


Saves nursing time

The FastPak EXP facilitates medication administration with easy-to-open unit dose and multi-dose packaging. The device fosters compliance and convenience because every package can be clearly labeled with drug name, strength and description; and if desired, patient name and administration time.


Speed the cart-fill, automated dispensing cabinet or nurse server replenishment process

The FastPak EXP can automate up to 100% of oral solid prescription medications, which represent the majority of doses in an average hospital pharmacy.


Affordable barcoding at the point of care

Dispensing oral solids with barcodes is a critical first step toward implementing bedside verification. The FastPak EXP, coupled with the optional Barcoding Station, brings you a surprisingly affordable 100% barcoding solution.

Expandable oral solid packaging and barcoding system

System Highlights

  • Unique Smart Canisters can be used in conjunction with standard canisters. Smart Canisters automatically update the medication database, allowing canisters to be placed in any available location within a designated Smart Drawer.
  • Batch filtering allows the user to filter in/out data based on various patient-specific criteria. This feature provides greater flexibility in overall batch management prior to dispensing.
  • Add a second packaging sub-unit to ensure you always operate at peak performance. Each sub-unit easily rolls in and out of the device, dramatically limiting downtime.
  • Batch queuing improves workflow by enabling preparation of two batches at a time.
  • The FastPak EXP uses UPS Class B packaging material for beyond-use dating of up to one year.
  • The skip-med feature provides the ability to continue dispensing when a particular medication is depleted. Skipped medications are assigned to a separate batch to be dispensed later.
  • A universal tray is available for slower-moving, odd-shaped or half-tablets; uses fill-to-light feature for accuracy.
  • Flexible labeling options allow users to customize unit dose and multi-dose packaging.