Skilled Nursing Pharmacy is a pioneer when it comes to implementing innovative technological solutions for our patients.

These solutions include:

  • Real-time updates to patient information online. This ensures that a patient’s medical history is always up-to-date and relevant.
  • Ultimate hassle-free process of online ordering of new and refill prescription medicine.
  • Online quotes and up to date pricing of prescription and over the counter drugs and medicines.
  • Limited calls or faxes to pharmacies due to the efficiency of SNP’s online servers.
  • SNP provides print active medication profiles or discharge sheets.
  • SNP platforms mean that all our prescriptions are labeled with easy-to-use compliance packaging.
  • With SNP’s advanced technology we have reduced med times ensuring reduced error – a critical matter for any and all patients.
  • Using SNP’s technological platforms, manage and track all your medicines from the comfort of your own home, online.

The following are some of the innovative technologies and software solutions we use to streamline our processes.


Webconnect is the best choice out there for a long term care facility. Webconnect is the future of long term care facility management.


Prescribers can now upload, review, sign, and send prescriptions virtually, to attend to residents’ needs, so we can deliver medication in the most efficient way possible.

FastPak EXP

The FastPak® EXP is a solution designed to optimize the medication management process and enable improved patient care, increased cost savings, and market growth opportunities.

Pyxis MedStation

The Pyxis MedStation® automated medication dispensing system supports decentralized medication management with various features for safety and efficiency.