Webconnect the future of long term care facility management


Webconnect is the best choice out there for a long term care facility. Webconnect is the future of long term care facility management. While many interfaces have default settings, Webconnect allows each facility to customize the software parameters. This gives SNP the vital edge in tailoring solutions for each and every facility according to its needs.

Webconnect is easy-to-learn with a user-friendly interface that is navigable by mouse or keyboard. The system allows your staff to view prescription history, order refills, and more. With a single mouse click, a facility staff member can adjust prescription frequency and dosage needs.

While many facilities are concerned at the inter-mingling of dispensing and billing, with Webconnect dispensing and billing can be managed independently of each other.

Webconnect Is The Future

With Webconnect you are guaranteed to have fewer errors, as its clinical management will ensure that drug-disease contraindication, drug allergies and other such complications are dealt with before the patient uses the medication.

Webconnect is a pioneer in long term care management and is the simplest interface on the market. SNP offers all the benefits listed above and many more to all its facilities.