Skilled Specialty Pharmacy

About Us

Skilled Nursing Pharmacy is a full-service specialty pharmacy specialized in patient care management and quality services of specialty medications. Our privately-owned specialty pharmacy services the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and families in Southern California.

Our experienced, dedicated and friendly pharmacists and supporting personnel provide high-touch, high quality, and integrated patient care solutions delivering consistent, reliable and outstanding customer service tailored to your individual needs.


Please call us at 833-353-8273 or email us at if you need to

    • Place a prescription order
    • Obtain a refill
    • Access medications in case of an emergency or disaster
    • Check on a prescription status
    • Obtain information on prescription substitutions
    • Transfer a prescription to another pharmacy
    • Obtain medications not available at the pharmacy
    • Know how to handle medication recalls
    • Know how to dispose of medications
    • Know how to handle adverse reactions
    • Know how to report concerns or errors
  • 900 Western Ave Glendale, CA 91201
  • Phone:  833-353-8273
  • Fax: 844-484-4463